How Nashua Roofers Are Using Satellite Imagery

Roofers have lots of tools to help them and their customers these days. Read this to learn how Nashua roofers are using satellite imagery.

There have been many exciting developments in technology in recent decades. What’s more, many have applications across multiple industries, including roofing and construction. One of these exciting developments is satellite imagery. In our work as Nashua roofers, MRC Construction uses images of your roof from above to make the process of roof installation easier for us and for you. By using satellite imagery through software called iRoofing, we can measure your roof and give you an estimate of the cost within a matter of minutes.

Here’s how Nashua roofers use satellite imagery to make roofing simpler for us and for you.


Measure and Estimate Instantly

Without technology like iRoofing, roofers have to climb up on your roof to take measurements. This is a time-consuming and challenging process, especially if your house has irregular features such as dormers or turrets. Also, if your roof has particularly steep areas, it can be difficult for roofers to access the area to get an accurate measurement. With satellite images, iRoofing technology can measure your roof without anyone needing physically get on the roof and take measurements. Additionally, this technology also generates an estimate of the cost and the quantity of materials needed. Gone are the days of waiting to get an estimate from a contractor. With iRoofing technology, Nashua roofers like MRC Construction can deliver your estimate almost instantly.


Visualize Your New Roof

While the measurement and estimator tools make our job easier, iRoofing also makes the process easier for you the customer. Having your roof replaced is a big investment, and you want to ensure that you are making the right choices at every stage in the process. One of those stages is choosing the color for your shingles. It can be difficult to imagine what your home will look like with a new roof, especially if you are opting for shingles that are a different color from your old roof. With iRoofing, we can show you images of what your house will look like with its new roof. There’s no need to choose shingles that you are pretty sure will look good and then hope for the best. Now you can see a rendering of your new roof before we even begin work on it.


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